Our communities continue to rebuild from the devastating Alameda fire. The Phoenix/Talent School District recently posted that over 50% of all students in our 5 schools have lost their homes. The Board believes that the soccer activities we offer are a tool, which helps students cope with the life changes they are experiencing.

Our club is recognized as a leader in youth sports in the Valley. We aim to enhance that support into the future. One of our immediate goals is to provide soccer opportunities for kids to play locally.

Registration for Spring Season 2021 is extended through April 1st!

We are still dependent upon the use of our School District fields in order to host practices and games for teams, but we hopeful that we will be approved for April - June field use.

If your family has been affected by the Almeda or Obenchain fires during fall and need financial assistance to cover Registration fees, please let us know!

Please email or call us for more information.

News & Updates

~Fall 2021 Registration Closed~

The SOSA Board is taking the fall season to rebuild our staff of wonderful volunteers. As a local non-profit organization, SOSA is determined to offer consistent and quality soccer programming for kids ages Kinder to 19. SOSA plans to reopen registration in 2022... so get ready to play spring soccer!

We are currently seeking volunteers to join our SOSA Board and aid with the development and implementation of our Recreational and Competitive soccer programs. If you are interested, please email sosocceracademy@gmail.com with your contact information. We are hoping to gain the involvement of thoughtful and energetic members of our community to help continue the great work SOSA does for players and families in our region. Thank you~

COVID-19 Operational Plan
Read the plan, click here.

DLSO is Hosting 4 Community Play Dates this Fall
A great way to get players involved in soccer games! REGISTER HERE!

SOSA Player/Athlete Online Training Opportunities
Keep athletes in shape and practicing their soccer skills every day! CLICK HERE!

Become a SOSA Board Member - click here.

Read the recent news due to Corona Virus pandemic - click here.

Rules for USCCP Field Use
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Southern Oregon Soccer Academy

Fall and Spring Seasons

*Fall season deadline for registration is August 15th.

*Spring season deadline for registration is March 15th.

*Completed Registration forms and copies of player's birth certificates are required when registering players. Please see our 'Registration' link for further information.

A new Age Chart is now in use within all Oregon soccer clubs. Team assignments are now based on the 'birth year' of the player. For more information please click on 'Age Chart' under our Quick Links.

For more information please
call 541-897-0099.

Christopher Van Ness, Club President
Southern Oregon Soccer Academy
sosocceracademy AT gmail.com

"Step onto the Pitch of Life, and play your heart out!"

Quick Links

Earn $25 As Soccer Referee

Contribute to quality youth soccer when you become a referee.

Set your own schedule, work when you want to. All games are scheduled on weekends from the morning to evening.

- Recreational $95.00 for year, $65 for Fall only
- Kindersoccer $30.00 first season
- Competitive $150.00 for year (registration only)

After August 15th, there will be a $15 late fee attached to every registration, either on-line or paper registration, and players will only be added on an "as-needed" or "space-available" basis only. August 15th is the final deadline for registering for Fall 2017. March 15th for Spring 2018.

Note: the kinder soccer season starts 2 weeks after the others on aprox September 17th.

To determine the age level that your child will be placed in, please click here for the current age chart.

Once registration has closed, we will be assigning players to teams and teams to coaches.  The coaches will be given a roster and will contact parents regarding practices and games. 

Please be patient and do not call the club phone inquiring about practices.  The coach will contact you.  We do not know the practice schedules of each individual coach. 

Forms mailed to our post office box REQUIRE a registration fee (add the $15 late fee if applicable) and a birth certificate. Your Registration Form WILL NOT be processed without a payment and/or without a birth certificate attached.

BEFORE a team can be created for you... YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE with US Club Soccer (upon approval by SOSA admin): click here.
- Select 'COACH' from the drop down menu
- Fill in the required information

Besides this online form, SOSA has coaches fill out a Background Disclosure form.

- Recreativo $ 95.00 por año, $ 65 para el otoño sólo
- Kindersoccer temporada $ 30,00, luego
- Competitivo $ 150.00 por año (registro solamente)

Después de 15 de agosto habrá una tarifa de $ 15 finales adjunta a cada registro, o bien únicamente se añadirán en línea o de registro en papel , y los jugadores sobre una base " según sea necesario " o " espacio disponible " solamente. De agosto de 15 es la fecha límite para registrarse para el otoño de 2018. 15 de de marzo de de primavera.

Nota: la temporada kinder soccer comienza 2 semanas después de los otros en 17 de Septiembre.

Para determinar el nivel de edad que su hijo será colocado, por favor haga clic aquí para ver el gráfico de la edad actual.

Una vez que el registro se ha cerrado, vamos a asignar a los jugadores a los equipos y los equipos a los entrenadores. Los entrenadores se les dará una lista y se comunicará con los padres respecto a las prácticas y juegos.

Por favor, sea paciente y no llame al teléfono del club preguntando acerca de las prácticas. El entrenador se comunicará con usted. No sabemos los horarios de práctica de cada coche individual.

Los formularios enviados por correo a nuestra casilla de correo requieren una cuota de inscripción (añadir la tarifa de $ 15 por retraso si procede) y un certificado de nacimiento. Su Formulario de inscripción no será procesada sin el pago y / o sin un certificado de nacimiento adjunto.

ANTES de que un equipo se puede crear para usted ... USTED DEBE registrarse en línea en EE.UU. Club de fútbol (con la aprobación de SOSA admin): aquí.
- Haga clic en el enlace
- Seleccione 'ENTRENADOR desde el menú desplegable
- Completar la información requerida

Además de este formulario en línea, Sosa tiene entrenadores llenar un formulario de Divulgación de fondo.

A youth soccer organization in Southern Oregon focused on the development of soccer skills at every age level of soccer.
Phoenix, Oregon, 97535